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As one of the nation's largest faith-based health care systems, Catholic Health Initiatives is committed to meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Our commitment to advocacy, particularly on behalf of persons who are most vulnerable, is deeply rooted in our founding vision.  CHI seeks to leverage its size, diversity, geographic coverage and resources to build healthy communities.   

CHI’s advocacy activities are multi-dimensional, with three primary and interrelated areas of activity:

  • Individual/Community advocacy focused on meeting immediate human needs through provision of direct services and community partnerships.

  • Organizational/System advocacy focused on provider integrity, internal justice and social and environmental responsibility.

  • Societal/Governmental advocacy focused on achieving systemic change through legislation, regulation and political activism.


  • The Advocacy Priorities for 2017—2018 are a detailed roadmap of CHI’s most important goals. 

  • CHI tracks and analyzes legislation and health policy daily at the Federal level and within the states in which CHI has facilities, some issues within all 50 states. 

    • CHI also has an electronic site called the Advocacy Action Center where CHI supporters are encouraged to assist in advocacy campaigns on issues of great importance to CHI.
    • CHI works to ensure that the regulatory process and the implementation of health policy favor an equitable and just health system that works for all.  Learn more about how CHI affects the regulatory and legislative process by visiting Advocacy Activism.

  • CHI has a firm commitment to building healthy communities and believes our focus on violence prevention advances this priority. Learn more about CHI’s commitment to Violence Prevention and view testimonials for local violence prevention projects." 

  • Environmental stewardship and care of the earth’s natural resources is an essential dimension of CHI’s advocacy program.  Learn more about CHI’s commitment to Environmental Responsibility, and about our participation in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative

  • Learn about other advocacy initiatives in our Advocacy Continues section.

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